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Becoming a Shriner

In order to become a Shriner, a man must first be a Mason. The fraternity of Freemasonry is the oldest, largest and most widely known fraternity in the world. It emerged, with members bound together not by trade, but by their own desire to be fraternal brothers.

The basic unit of Masonry is the Blue Lodge, where members earn the first three Masonic Degrees known as the Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft and Master Mason. There is no higher degree than that of Master Mason (the Third Degree).

After he becomes a Master Mason, he can belong to many other organizations which have their roots in Masonry and which have Blue Lodge Masonry as a prerequisite. Only when a man has achieved the status of Master Mason can he petition to become a Noble of Shriners International.

To become a member of the Marietta Shrine Club, you must be a member in good standing of a Shrine Temple A.A.O.M.N.S in North America. Although the Marietta Shrine Club is in Aladdin's jurisdiction, you can still become a member as an associate.

If any of you have any prospects or anybody interested in becoming a member please contact one the Marietta Shrine Club officers.